Who we are
The Bōsōzoku collective is a group of people who have a desire to collaborate and create.  We regularly produce varying pieces of art in multiple medias in order to express our observations. 
To be be a part of Bōsōzoku, you must have collaborated with at least one current member.
What is Bōsōzoku
Bōsōzoku literally translates to "running out of control tribe". It is a name associated with a Japanese motorcycle gang sub-culture popular in the 1980s and 1990s. These motorcycle gangs were unique, young, creative, and slightly rebellious. They would customise their clothing and motorbikes and disobey social norms of the cities they inhabited.
The Bōsōzoku collective takes its name from this group, having been inspired both by the appeal of the literal translation and also the characters of this gang; they expressed themselves through what they loved without the care of the constraints that confronted them.
Bōsōzoku Gangs.